Signatories of the Open Letter “Against the Abuse of the Issue of Antisemitism by Right Wing Media and Politicians and Their Attacks on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech”:

Abe Silberstein, Writer, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Alexander Guschanski, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich, London, UK

Andreas Exner, Political Ecologist, University of Graz, Austria

Andreas Hechler, Independent Researcher, Berlin, Germany

Benno Herzog, Sociologist, University of Valencia, Spain

Bernard Randé, Mathematician, Paris, France

Charlotte Rubin, Human Rights Lawyer, Writer, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Christiane Marty, Engineer & Researcher, Fondation Copernic, Paris, France

Collectif Collages Judéités Queer, Paris Region, France

Denise Needleman, Community Organiser, Stroud, UK

Didier Epsztajn, Editor and Writer, Paris, France

Dmitry Vilensky, Chto Delat Art Collective, Berlin, Germany

Elsa Galerand, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Québec, Montréal, Canada

Frieder Otto Wolf, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Free University, Berlin, Germany

Harsh Kapoor, Editor, Mainstream Weekly, India – France

Jacky Assoun, Retired Teacher, Paris, France

Jeremy Green, Community Organiser, Local Councillor & Musician, Stroud, UK

Kavita Krishnan, Women’s Rights Activist & Writer, Delhi, India

Kerrie Thornhill, Alumna of Oxford University, UK

Lukas Emrich, PhD student, Department of Geography, LMU Munich, Germany

Martin Gallié, Professor, Department of Legal Sciences, University of Québec, Montréal, Canada

Martín Alonso Zarza, Retired Teacher, Madrid, Spain

Michel Lanson, Retired Teacher, Paris, France

Rabbi Mordechai LIebling, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA

Nissim Mannathukkaren, Professor, Department of International Development Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Philippe Corcuff, Professor, Institute of Political Studies, Lyon, France

Philippe Mesnard, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Clermont Auvergne, France

Rachel Garfield, Professor of Fine Arts, Royal College of Art, London, UK

Soraya Mehdid, France

Susie Jacobs, Honorary Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

Torsten Bewernitz, Union Organiser, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, University of Darmstadt, Germany

Uğur Yıldırım, Graduate Student, Department of Philosophy, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey